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Chesterfield Discussion / Re: Cattlewaggon Stagecoach Buses.
« on: Today at 08:23:22 PM »
Thanks Scimitar - so it doesn't, never mind will have to wait until I can drive again

this will be a challenging one as GP's have a patient confidentiality to keep - unless a signature is given by the employee I suppose?
People who have depression/mental health often do not realise the extent of their condition.
Very sad case this one.

Chesterfield Discussion / Re: Cattlewaggon Stagecoach Buses.
« on: Today at 06:16:45 PM »
Is the Hulley 61 go through tupton then?

Politics / Re: William Hague - Nasty party
« on: Today at 05:58:18 PM »
It's just one of many of the sneaky pushing things quietly through.
Terrible bunch of individuals

Politics / Re: Paxton Wipes The Floor With Cameron
« on: Today at 05:44:46 PM »
We missed it but I heard that Cameron looked quite 'worried' at times. Is that the interview you mean?

Fun Stuff / Re: Religious bandwagons
« on: Today at 05:42:39 PM »
Only know of Cliff Richards TBH. He's been a Christian for many years though.

Chesterfield Discussion / Re: Cattlewaggon Stagecoach Buses.
« on: Today at 05:23:40 PM »
Sorry to butt in but do the buses which go through hepthorne lane/tupton to wingerworth go past the barley mow?

General Discussion / Plumbing Apprentiships
« on: Today at 12:17:20 PM »
Anyone know of any firms/plumbers who take an apprentice?

Can't the same be said for 'Cheapest Booze' shops though  :(

Can't they just change what they put into the L/H's and put any old substance in even if it may be poisonous  - just because it can be 'legally bought'   

I don't know what the borough is thinking of for allowing these kinds of shops into our town.
Shame on them!

Old Chesterfield Photos / Re: 40 Steps
« on: March 26, 2015, 08:59:19 PM »
Some great photo's being posted on here Pete.  (y)

Strange things do indeed happen.  Years ago (sometime in the 1980's) I suddenly had an awareness of a nasty pong in our bedroom.  It was the kind of fishy smell you associate with wiring melting or overheating in plugs or sockets.  Husband couldn't smell it, and neither could the kids.  Just me.  However, just to appease me, husband checked all the plugs and sockets and they were all fine.  Friends made the usual witty suggestions of smelly socks under the bed etc. and I did actually check but there were none.

The smell was there for months and even used to wake me in the middle of the night.  I'd shake husband awake and he could never smell it because the moment I made him aware the bloody pong disappeared.  It was worse in the middle of the day when I was in the house on my own. 

One morning, after husband and kids had left for work and school, I was in the bedroom getting ready for work and the smell came, but this time so strong it made my eyes water.  It was all around me too as if I was in some kind of cloud.  It scared me no end, and I got a bit hysterical.  Stern words were issued from me along with tears of anger and frustration, then I felt it shift.  It seemed to hang in a gap between the bedroom door and the wardrobe (a space of about 9 inches).  I sat on the bed feeling very upset and wondering what (and who) it was.  After that episode, I never smelled it again.

I discussed it with several people who I know are sensitive to this stuff and was told by each of them independently that I'd been having visitations.  It didn't mean me any harm and couldn't help the accompanying pong.  I often wondered if it had been my mum but knowing her she'd have brought the fragrance of Miss Dior with her, not the smell of rotting cod!

It's something I'll never forget and just in case it WAS my mum, I've apologised to her times many for getting hysterical.

That sounds very familiar Gerty. It sounds as if you had the type of experience I get.
I think you did right in speaking out loud to acknowledge the smell as I have found doing this seems to 'settle' things down.

The smells have never really bothered me TBH apart from the one time when I was sh@@ scared as like you it happened in the night.

I'll go into that another time

The day my Mum died (I was on holiday - 2 weeks off work), I was at home pottering about.
A knock at the door. I answered it, it was my Mum's partners relation to tell me my Mum had passed away on holiday in Turkey.
I was alone at home. I looked at a baby photo of me on top of a bookcase & it was dusty and I got the message clean it. I moved 2 or 3 small empty beer bottles off the table and it was like someone blew accross the top of the bottle. This was inside the house.
I opened the back kitchen door to put the bottles in the bin, and 3 empty containers (detergent bottles destined for the bin)  on the outside window sill (no wind at all) threw themselves on the floor.
Any atheist can challenge this - but I believe the soul lives on after death - for a short while, probably until the service of burial or cremation which releases the soul to where it needs to go.

It sounds as if your mum was telling you to put the bottles in the bin scimitar and get some dusting done!

My brother ( a non believer ) recounted to me that shortly after our youngest brother died last year he was lying on the sofa at home when a breeze wafted across his face. My brother got up and checked the windows.
They were closed so no explanation about that.

When I said it would be our youngest brother he said Nah - no such thing!

I reminded him that he had obviously thought it 'may have been' as he had told me!

No one should be so great that they are allowed to get away with unacceptable behaviour no matter how popular they are.
Justice has been served and rightly so.

It's ruled that letters sent to Politicians are to be made public, I know the Royals are not supposed to get involved with our Politics but I don't agree with this decision.
Had it been made clear to Prince Charles that any letters sent by him to Politicians could be made public I would have agreed, as it stands though I don't think this is right.

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