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General Discussion / Re: Kids and guns !
« on: August 01, 2014, 10:48:57 AM »
How silly is that!
Children shouldn't be given guns at such a young age you would think with all the problems in America they would discourage their kids.

Can't say too much about the kids/guns use though as my nephew started with his dad at a youngish age going to a gun club.
This month they are going to Ireland as he is again shooting for England - he's 17

Welcome to the forum Nolan.

I suppose it's easier said than done to quit smoking altogether but it is quite a worry when the alternatives become unsafe as in causing a fire.

Can I ask if you are an ex smoker Nolan?

Chesterfield Discussion / Re: More Proposed Cuts
« on: August 01, 2014, 10:26:55 AM »
The information was from an up date by Derbyshire.
Nothing to do with the D T

Chesterfield Discussion / More Proposed Cuts
« on: July 31, 2014, 09:57:48 AM »
This is going to have a really serious affect on families in our area if this goes ahead.
 May even be out of a job myself.

Review of disabled children's services launched
30 July 2014

 Services for disabled children are under review as part of our plans to save £157m over the next four years.

Reductions in government grants, inflation and greater demands on areas of the budget for adult social services and vulnerable children mean we must rethink the way we deliver services.

We are launching a consultation on proposals which could see some services currently offered to families with disabled children without the need for an assessment being reduced or stopped altogether.

Derbyshire residents will be asked for their views on proposals to change our Aiming High Derbyshire Offer − a menu of short break provision based on families' level of need which we have no legal requirement to provide.

These proposals would not affect vital services we must provide to give essential support to families of disabled children and young people with the highest levels of need to enable them to care for their child at home.

Members of our Cabinet who meet on Tuesday 5 August will be asked to agree to consult on proposals to:

·         End one-off funding for summer play schemes for disabled children
·         Reduce funding to provide group activities for children or young people with a disability aged five to 17
·         End one-to-one flexible support and short-break grants to children and young people aged five to 17 but provide targeted funding to those children and young people who meet new eligibility criteria.
The proposed new criteria will be included in the consultation to give people the chance to have their say.

If all the changes went ahead it would save up to £485,000 a year.

Councillor Kevin Gillott, our Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said he was having to think the 'unthinkable'.

He said:

The unrelenting budget cuts that are being forced on us by the Government mean we have to cut our spending on services by more than a third.

"I don't want to be in a position of having to consider making these cuts but we have been left with no choice.

"I realise the impact these proposals will have on Derbyshire families with disabled children − many of whom have been receiving this support for years. But we simply don't have the money to provide everything we'd like to and we're being forced in to a position where we have to put money where it is most needed.

"However, no decisions will be taken until we've had the chance to speak to families and we're keen to hear their views."

If agreed by Cabinet, the consultation would take place during autumn 2014.

I wouldn't let them discharge me, I'm poorly LOL  :P

You can't be poorly scimitar needs a driver to help him out!!

At least they are working through various tests and not just discharging you.

General Discussion / Re: Computer Problem
« on: July 30, 2014, 07:45:25 PM »
The company below had a contract to support our works computers. They are able to access your pc (with your permission ) and look at problems whilst you view

Phoenix I T

Darley House Lodge
1  Dale Road South
DE4 3BP  View on map
T: 0844 863 1310

General Discussion / Re: At the hospital tomorrow :-)
« on: July 30, 2014, 09:54:38 AM »
Sounds like some kind of infection to me Fly - is it a specialist Dr?

Chesterfield Discussion / How can they justify this
« on: July 29, 2014, 08:32:53 PM »
With all the cut backs coming how can they justify paying anyone £85,000 per year???
They say they are losing  some of their 'senior management team' and so will save money
But £85,000 A YEAR.
Come CBC get real  >:(

Cash-strapped council chiefs have defended their decision to employ two new executive directors each on £85,000 per year.

A group representing taxpayers claims the move by Chesterfield Borough Council – which needs to save £1million over the next year – will “raise eyebrows”.

But the authority insists the controversial step will actually cut the cost and number of senior managers.

Andy Silvester, campaigns manager at the Taxpayers’ Alliance, said: “Councils across the UK are having to find savings after years of spending beyond their means – so these salaries will raise eyebrows.

“At a time when the council is pleading poverty and talking about increasing charges, local residents will want to know that every penny of these significant pay packets is hard-earned.”

Huw Bowen, chief executive at the borough council, said: “This move will actually save taxpayers £110,000 each year and follows a restructure of our senior management team that will see five head of service posts removed and replaced with two new executive director posts and a chief finance officer post.

“This is on top of the £181,000 saved since 2012 by not filling the vacant deputy chief executive and head of housing posts.

“The changes made actually reduce the cost and number of senior managers – something which the Taxpayers’ Alliance has been campaigning for.

“It also seeks to ensure the council has the very best senior officers to implement the decisions of the town’s politicians so we can continue to deliver great facilities and services for the people of Chesterfield.

“These types of restructures have happened throughout the organisation as we seek to deliver high-quality customer services while also reducing costs.”

The new posts were originally advertised internally and the affected employees were invited to apply for their jobs.

Both were unsuccessful and have received undisclosed redundancy payments so the posts are now being advertised externall

General Discussion / Changing a Tyre without Stopping
« on: July 29, 2014, 02:08:21 PM »
Is this for real?

Is it possible?

I have received the survey to fill in below  >:

Having filled it along with my own opinions I have also added a link to the discussion on here -

BTW - the Changing Places Symbol is still up on the Market Hall and as far as I am aware there are no hoists in these toilets.

Fun Stuff / Re: Naughty Old Cruser 2
« on: July 28, 2014, 07:39:33 PM »
My bits are tattooed too, it says WS in 1/2 inch lettering.


 :-?  :-?


Sort him  :-[

Chesterfield Discussion / Re: New Boyes store in Chesterfield
« on: July 28, 2014, 07:37:37 PM »
Ca'moron got voted in by the get rich quick brigade.
He'll be out soon.
Someone else will make a fail at getting things sorted, at least they sort of try.
Then the rich crowd move in again for another quick buck or two and blame the last lot.
Back to step 1, top of post, just another tory name instead. endless circular crap !!

Forgot to mention, we also called in the big Tesco in town Sunday.
We can't spend our book tokens we'd had bought us in there. Strange, cos they actually sell them  ::)

On the way out I noticed a box of reduced items,
Iceberg lettuce 5p
2 x Bunch Spring Onions, 5p each, bargain  :D

Don't tempt me Scimitar, hourly pay  :)

You can only drive for stage coach if you can understand my sign language when you come through our village - scimitar will need to maybe train you up.  ::)

Chesterfield Discussion / Re: New Boyes store in Chesterfield
« on: July 28, 2014, 07:32:43 PM »
Stagecoach need new drivers continually. Apply

Do they set old grannies on?
On second thoughts what about old granddad's - I'm not into women's lib  ;)
Never burned my bra cos never had one - and now Pete and Fly won't loan me half a crown -- ====

Fun Stuff / Naughty Old Cruser 2
« on: July 28, 2014, 07:24:25 PM »
A very tall man walks into a bar, and a lady recognizes him as an international Rugby player. They start to talk and eventually go back to his place.
They start to kiss, and the man takes off his shirt.  On his arm, he has a tattoo that says REEBOK.
"What's that for?" the lady questions.
"Oh, I have this so that when I'm on TV, people will see my tattoo, and Reebok pays me."
Then the man takes off his trousers, and on his leg, he has a tattoo that says NIKE.
'What's that ?' the lady questions again.
"Just like the Reebok tattoo, I get paid when this tattoo is seen on TV."

Then the man drops his underwear and on his penis he has a tattoo that says AIDS.
The lady screams: "Don't tell me you have AIDS!"
The man replies: "No, no...!!!
Calm down...!!!
Calm down...!!!

It will say ADIDAS in a minute."

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