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It shows how little they know about retail JR.
My first introduction to computers was in retail. I ran the card dept and knowledge of using their system was needed.
My work as a supervisor in a coffee bar gave me experience of ordering, invoicing etc etc.

There's more to some jobs than people realise.

Retail staff I know have been treated shabbily at times, but this has now extended to other work places - Zero no contract hours need stopping

It needs preserving nicheuk doesn't it.

Where would you build a bus station in Chesterfield? The Donut? So you expect the OAP's to hike all the way from Beetwell St to the Donut?

Or we keep all the existing bus stops on Beetwell st, and further complicate it by navigating via the Donut? That end of town is dead or dying so a bus station there does not make sense.
A successful Bus Station would need to be in the heart of the town, not on its periphery.
Stagecoach may be the only "big" bus operator in Chesterfield. Another operator (big in Sheffield) tried to evaluate a competition strategy monitoring our buses & operations. It came to nothing because our fares are the cheapest around. So I'm told.
Everything transport related is wrong geographically with the fact that the Railway Station is on the edge of town, so, an integrated Bus/Rail Station is just never going to happen.
Now, if they had kept the old Railway station open near the Portland Hotel, things could have been so much different.

Fair comment and a good point scimitar, the donut is with hindsight a bit on the outskirts of the shops.
I can't think of anywhere central which would house a bus station, even if the bus companies wanted to put money into one, which is a shame as I think it would be a good idea as people could catch connecting buses instead of trekking across Chesterfield

Interesting to know how many bus stops to various places there are in Chesterfield and also how many bus companies operate in Chesterfield?

Chesterfield Discussion / Re: RUMPOT. New bar in town.
« on: February 26, 2015, 05:03:37 PM »
won;t be going in there then.
Wonder if they poached some of the name from the old Rumstop shacks in the Caribbean

Chesterfield Discussion / Public Toilets In Chesterfield
« on: February 26, 2015, 04:16:42 PM »
Are there any public toilets in Chesterfield which are open once the shops have closed? Or do people have to sneak into a pub to relieve themselves?

I'm asking because whilst I was in hospital recently, hubby used the buses to get to Calow hospital. Whilst in town he 'needed to go' The shops had closed !

Must admit the whole notion of zero hours contracts puzzle me.
if they are so good and meet the needs of business to cope with a rapidly changing world then why isnt everyone on one.
Think about it
Slacker working for DCC could be on a zero hours contract.
There's no jobs to supervise this week so he can stay at home but next week when it snows and they want him in supervising the gritting crews he can work 80 hours (flat hourly rate of course none of this overtime rubbish).

My step daughter put herself through uni waitressing at various establishments.
Never ceased to amaze me the number of times she was scheduled in only to get a phone call an hour or so before her start time to say it was dead quiet and she wasnt needed. To be followed next time by being told at the end of her shift that they were still rammed and needed her to stop.
It's cheap labour dressed up as good for business, the good bit for business being low costs and greater profits.

and before anyone asks Sainsburys minimum contract is 12 hours.

and there is another problem.
A worker takes a 12 hour contract thinking ok I'll look for another job to make up my hours.
Only thing is when the business gets busy it doesn't go down too well when the worker refuses to do extra hours because they have their other job.
It happens I have seen it.

I actually think it's a good idea and the donut is close to the railway station.
When I worked in Sheffield I used walk up through the bus station, sit and have a coffee before going into work.
It's a shame Stage coach puts the mockers on it if that's the case

My neighbour gave his body to Sheffield Uni for research.  It was a very admirable thing to do and many positive feelings were shared at his church service, together with a beautiful tribute.

His widow however, found that even though she accepted his decision she didn't altogether agree with it.  She found it deeply upsetting not to actually say goodbye and have closure in the traditional way.  At his service there was just his photograph sitting by a bouquet of flowers. She told me later that she felt doubly bereft.   I felt for her very much, and while I still think its a good idea (not sure if I would do it though) it really needs to be discussed with the family. 

Organ donation however is a different matter.  They are welcome to mine, providing I've not put them into a pickled state.  Upensioners seem to have a need to live life in the fast lane before time runs out!s    >;

Oh aye and wat you been up to then young lady  ;)

It needs making illegal, it's no good to any employee, only to the businesses who operate this  >:(

Does it matter?
If it's going to be demolished obviously whoever owns it doesn't want it

What about the museum?

It's always cloudy that's why  :(

General Discussion / Re: Latest idea for your car 'tax disk' holder :-)
« on: February 25, 2015, 11:43:41 AM »
Good idea, I'll download that

On a more serious note, this is something that is an individual personal thing and I think needs discussing with loved ones.
Some may find the thoughts of their loved ones being dissected very upsetting even if they are dead.
Organ donations give life to others but I have to admit not something I have given much thought to.

>> Just don't overwork it then

Bugger that! I'm going to wear it out... :)

 :-?  :-?  :))

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