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Today at junction of Derby Rd & Storforth lane I almost saw a cyclist come to grief. He was undertaking cars in the left hand lane whilst one of the cars wanted to turn left onto storforth lane - the cyclist wanted to go straight up Derby Rd :o Luckily the cyclist stopped in time because the car driver clearly didn't see him.
To be fair to the cyclist, the car driver did not indicate he was turning left.

I'm going for a lie down........... ::)

If you are now up and refreshed after you rest, why not start a Facebook Blog on this  ;)

I have to agree with all of what's been said.

 There are Cyclists who don't give enough thought to what is happening around them and it is their responsibility as well as the drivers of vehicles to take notice.
On Derby Road some will come on the inside to overtake whilst others on the outside -  eyes in back of A@@@ comes to mind
I was taught to drive by speaking to other drivers by using indicators ( my instructors words )
Also, to look at what is going off several vehicles in front and use my mirrors - that includes my side mirrors, some I think don't use any !

When I have  the wheelchair in the back of the car it does obstruct my rear mirror view a little and so my side mirrors are used more to double check.
I was only explaining this a couple of weeks ago to a  new driver who will soon be able to use the car and take my daughter out, I will be with her for several trips - precious cargo on board  ;)

The little Walton roundabout bugs me as not many drivers indicate and the ones that do sometimes give off the wrong indications!

I also think that putting Pelican Crossings so near to roundabouts isn't good, why did they do that??

I cycled thousands of miles up until the age of about 16. I know all the tricks in the book LOL
Probably why I'm a taxi driver now  ::)

Makes me laugh when I see some of the stories involving cyclists. They all appear to be so squeaky clean  :-X

Such as wobbling about and preventing driver at the back from overtaking.  ::) - Just saying  :-*

Well fly put it like this. If you were walking on there and a bicycle came towards you at speed - would you stand your ground to see if the cyclist gave way -  :-?  :))

Silly me I made a big mistake this evening.I left home about 5pm to go to Hasland  and decided to risk the by pass from Tesco to Horns Bridge.The Tesco roundabout was gridlocked with traffic queueing  to get to Whittington Moor Roundabout..Once on the by pass I got about 50yards and there were both lanes stood going towards Horns Bridge.I finally made it to Hasland 50 minutes later.
My brother in law is servicing and getting the car Mot tomorrow so I left it with him.I walked it back to Newbold and it took me exactly time as it did to drive there.
I should have done what I said in an earlier post.

Tch Tch - how could you -  :))

I went the scenic route but will miss Wingerworth next trip as the children are going in/out of school, will come off Derby Road and go via Grangewood.

PS I tried counting the minutes but car passengers kept talking to me  :-X Failed miserably - next time though --- next time  :))

General Discussion / Re: New jobs for us on the taxis :-)
« on: March 17, 2017, 09:42:28 AM »
Me - Conjunctivitis for two days - no driving for me - hopefully back Saturday :-?

Not nice to have hope it clears soon

General Discussion / Re: New jobs for us on the taxis :-)
« on: March 17, 2017, 09:41:46 AM »
Think the feeling poorly and dead for two days was viral. The sore throat was an infection hence the antibiotics.  (y)

mmm well that rubbishes what I was told!
Basically I was too old  ::) for tonsillitis and generally in people over ( cough ) 40 years old it's Viral - swellings gone down quite a bit but still not right - mind you never have been  ::)

General Discussion / Re: New jobs for us on the taxis :-)
« on: March 16, 2017, 08:36:28 AM »
& I came down with a sore throat Monday
& had 3 teeth out Tuesday
& felt s*** all day Wednesday
& went to docs Thursday, antibiotics, throat spray, paracetamol
& now it's Saturday. Can still hardly swallow, not had a proper meal since Monday night, lost about 6lb this week already
& it's my xxth birthday tomorrow. Happy days   :( :-X :'(

Was this a Viral thingy fly as I've been poorly this week with something similar. My neck was  very swollen and still is a little.
Practice Nurse says it's Viral.

A little bit more useless information.We came down Derby Road this afternoon and counting under my breath I reckon the lights on Derby Road at the junction with St Augustines stayed on green on the main road for approximately one minute.

Now then Umpire - you have started something because I use that route frequently and will now be counting minutes whilst at the lights at different times of the day !!  ;D

That will be my route today as I believe the work on lights begins!!

Need to spend the Tax payers money and then put it up by 4%  :(

Anyway thanks for the tip off bransoj  (y), plans changed for tomorrow - again, but Thursday I will be on the scenic route!!

When I do come down Derby Road to the lights at St.Augustines whether its my imagination or not but there always seems to be more cars get out of that road  than  there does when the lights are on green on Derby Road.
I suspect they give priority to St Augustines Road  but if someone wants to go and stand there with a stop watch and prove me wrong they are welcome. :-* ;) ;)

Some I think sneak through on red !!

I can only go on different times of day when lights seem to let more through than other times.

I'll let the professional drivers either advice or do the stop watch test Umpire.   MD  :))

Meanwhile it's D Day at the Cineworld lights !!

Do they filter depending of the time of day as sometimes they change quicker than others?

Up Boythorpe  Road  and round Grangewood or down St Augustines for me.

Wingerworth, Grangewood and head up past West Street to go to Newbold.
Bug bare bug bare will be the roundabout as I get through Grangewood ( Walton )

It does scimitar thanks. I've had the thank you lights and thumbs up but it made me smile when the driver behind got the thumbs down.

It was more the drivers irritation when I asked that I noticed.
TBH I was very concerned when this person wasn't on the bus.
The driver could have been politer in his response I thought, but as I said had probably had a bad day.

Ticket machine updates eh ------ whatever next !   :)

PS I think the road works start on Monday --- good luck !

Sod the Bosses too - My Passengers come first :P

Well said !!. I've had two experiences with bus drivers this week, the first was for me unusual.
I stopped to let a bus out of the a pull in on Derby Road, driver of the vehicle at the back didn't like it and told me so by pressing his horn. The bus pulled out and I followed. Bus then pulls into another pull in - gives me a thumbs up - and the vehicle behind Thumbs down - never seen that before  ;)

Second, one irritated driver with me because I needed to check if a vulnerable adult I was expecting was sat on his bus. I was concerned as they should have been. Driver was even more irritated when I asked if there was another bus following soon ( just wondering if one was delayed for some reason ).

Driver must have had a bad day  ::)

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